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We Are Overdrive Distribution


First and foremost, we are…musicians! Myself, JP Cervoni, giving emphasis to performing for over 30 years, live and session work, I’ve had the good fortune to work with many Top International Artists. Pierangelo and Dario, excellent guitar players in their own right, with a passion for engineering, both obsessed with building reliable equipment that delivers the best sound, their motto is: “build emotions!”


We are here for you, your questions & concerns will be promptly dealt with.
We like to talk amps, Mr. Pierangelo Mezzabarba ( owner and builder ) and JP Cervoni ( USA/Canada distributor ) are available 24/7.


What we do is build a truly high quality product, with no compromise. There is no production line, no cheap parts used, from the heavy-duty transformers specifically made for us, to the selected Tubes and everything in between, the product is built by hand, old school, simple, sturdy, reliable and…great sounding! Our technology is the best fusion of Sound, Versatility and Reliability.


Both technical and esthetics custom work available. Amps, pedals, cabs and amp/speaker covers can be customized to individual needs, via direct communication by Phone or e-mail.


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Our Team.


JP Cervoni

Overdrive Distribution owner and pro guitar player. JP has worked with Buddy Miles, Marco Mendoza, The Babys, Simon Phillips, Steve Lukather, Scott Henderson, Carl Verheyen, John 5, Robert Trujillo, Derek Sheridian, Phil Soussan and many more.


Pierangelo Mezzabarba

Masotti Guitar Devices CEO and founder. Mezzabarba Custom Amplification Owner. Amp builder.


Dario Pellegrini

Engineer for Masotti Guitar Devices and Mezzabarba Custom Amplification. Tone addicted.

What artists say about us

  • With Mezzabarba Skill the tone for my songs is perfect. Definition and color are great. Best sounding 30w head I've ever heard. I love it.
    Omer AvniSession player, Producer
  • “Playing with Mezzabarba Amplifiers has been one of the best moves I’ve made in my career. Not only are Pierangelo and J.P. obsessed with great tone like myself, they are genuinely great guys as well. I am touring with the Trinity head and the ’69 4×12 straight cab and the tone is absolutely massive and crushing yet defined and articulate. A huge accomplishment for Mezzabarba”
    Eric Steckel
  • “My Mezzabarba M ZERO sounds amazing!  Its got the warm vintage tones that I love, and its got all the thud and crushing power you could ever want!!!!
    Doug Rappoport
  • Mezzabarba makes a sleek, boutique amplifier that has a modern look with a vintage tone. So glad I play this amp.
    Jon Conley(Kenny Chesney)
  • “I’m lucky to have access to top equipment. There are amps that I like a lot, each for their distinctive qualities, the MZERO line of amps is the most versatile and great sounding, the tone is there, the feel is “right”, a pleasure to use in any situation.”
    JP CervoniGuitat player, Producer
  • “I have played all kinds of amps and I just found the Holy Grail of guitar amplifiers! M-Zero Overdrive Rocks The World!”
    Robert Sarzo(Geoff Tate, Hurricane)
  • "My Mezzabarba M ZERO sounds amazing!  Its got the warm vintage tones that I love, and its got all the thud and crushing power you could ever want!!!!
    Doug RappoportEdgar Winter Band
  • Guitarist and Singer “I’m playing Mezzabarba amps and I’m having a great time! They sound fantastic, I love them and you should love them too.”
    Ike WillisSinger and guitarist for Frank Zappa
  • “Well, I think I’ve finally found it! The Mezzabarba M-Zero Overdrive is an absolute BEAST of an amp! It’s got gain for days, it’s warm, it cuts through, and it doesn’t have that scooped mid-range sound. The cleaner channel has a perfect break-up response to how hard I hit the strings. The depth control lets me add beefiness to my Strats. This thing sounds HUGE! And the M-Zero Overdrive looks cool as hell, too. You simply HAVE to take this thing out on the racetrack!”
    Howie Simon(Alcatrazz, J.S. Soto, Winger)
  • “It sings, it screams, it shrieks and purrs and meows and yowls. This wild one by Mezzabarba Custom Amplification / Masotti Guitar Devices has the power and flexibility to give full voice to the grief and the rage.”
    Mrs. Smith